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A New Old House

I've got another house for you, but this one is very different in that it does not yet exist. For this one, I took a plan from a book I have called Sears, Roebuck Catalog of Houses 1926 (I do not own any rights to this book or any plans within). The plan is called The Woodland and while I really like it, it did need some updating for today's living. Overall, I enlarged the plan just a bit to around 1850sf. But on the first floor, I really only added a new half bath behind the stairs. Otherwise, it's more or less how it was originally drawn. Upstairs, though, I changed quite a bit. Instead of having five bedrooms, I reduced it down to three and created a master suite. I also added a laundry area and moved the existing bathroom to accommodate the new Master. On the exterior I altered the roofline, added a garage and a nice outdoor living area with a built-in fireplace and lanai. I'm really happy with how it all came out and, really, this is my dream home. I honestly would love to build and live in it some day. <sigh>

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