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Frankenstein's House

When I look at houses, I don't necessarily see what is really there. I mean, I do, but I don't. What I see is the potential that house has. And it doesn't even matter if it's a dump or something already nice. I see how furniture could fit better or different paint colors or a different room arrangement to allow for better flow...

...which brings me to this monstrosity.

Crap house
Crap house

This is a house that was built in 1910 and, I believe, was just the two story portion - and only the central part of the two story portion, at that. But over the years it has been added onto, berated, had sticks thrown at it and dogs poop in it and generally been tended to horribly. I mean, look at it. The poor dear.

BUT! I can still see how beautiful it could be. First, all the trash and crap around it needs to be taken up and thrown away. Next, mow the damn yard for Pete's sake! The next stage would be a lot more work. I happen to know the interior staircase was moved from where it actually should be - you know... IN THE HOUSE - to the now enclosed front porches. That move really hurts my brain. The house has the unfortunate situation of being made into three apartment units. Because, clearly, they think people are going to want to live in it like this. So f course the stairs would have to be put back inside the house because that front porch really needs to be opened up. As it is, there is no entry or "welcome home" spot. There is no "face" to the house. Ridiculous.

Anyway, here's what I came up with mostly by just removing the abuse this poor house has gone through. In addition to reinstating the front porch, I put a new gable roof on the one-story addition to make it feel more a part of the original structure. I didn't alter the windows, though they desperately need replacing, because in my head I was trying to contain costs, at least somewhat.

After some love
After some love

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